7 Pipe Glass Blunt

Our collection of wholesale glass blunts are designed to give you a fresh hit, every single drag. Pack up to 1.5 grams of tobacco into the blunt and screw it in counter-clockwise. (The Mini holds 0.5 grams.) Then simply light the end and inhale.

7 Pipe

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As you smoke, twist the screw clockwise to ash. This leaves fresh new tobacco for your next hit. Smoking on the go has never been easier with these blunts.

Every 7 Pipe glass blunt comes with premium, 2mm thick German-engineered glass. You can be sure you’re getting a quality hit from this durable product. You can even insert it into 14mm bongs for the ultimate in versatile smoking sessions.

These blunts are so easy to use they’ll fly off the shelves. Plus, the clear design and shiny gold accents make smoking even more visually appealing.

They’re also very portable and discreet. Measuring 4” long (the Mini is 2.75”), you can take these 7 Pipe glass blunts with you anywhere to smoke anytime.

The Mini also comes with a smaller cherry for a smoother hit. It can be used with any 10mm bong. You lose none of the convenience of the regular blunt but get it in a smaller size.

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