Wholesale Roll Your Own

SMOKEA® is proud to offer our smoke shop online wholesale to help serve smoke shops everywhere. Now you can purchase amazing brands and deals right on our wholesale site to make your life that much easier. This is your one-stop smoke shop! With our rolling papers wholesale, you can offer your customers the ability to take full command of their smoking experience. Rolling your own isn’t for everyone, but it’s important to be able to have these products readily available to your clients.

Roll Your Own

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Own Your Roll

Rolling your own tobacco has many benefits, which is why a lot of people only roll their own and swear by doing so. This is where our smoke shop online wholesale comes in handy. Rolling your own is great because you can control exactly how much tobacco you’re smoking and you know for a fact where it came from. There’s much less risk involved.

  • We offer many different product types, from filters and tips, to papers, to rolling accessories and more
  • Easy access and organization
  • Choose your favorite rolls and cones
  • Most accessories made with silicone and built to last

Sell the Best for Less

At SMOKEA® we pride ourselves in the ability to offer your business the highest quality materials for affordable and reasonable prices. With our minimum order amount of $250, you can get all that you need at our smoke shop online wholesale. Check out our shipping policy to make sure you get your orders right away!