Bong Parts and Accessories

When you’re in the market to stock up on bong parts and other smoking accessories, SMOKEA® has you covered. Is your smoke shop running low? Do you need a replacement percolator? No matter what you need, we’ve got the collection of wholesale metal smoking pipe parts to meet it.

Parts & Pieces

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For example, if you want to improve your dabbing sessions, check out our White Rhino Quartz Terp Balls. Each jar comes with 100 individual, high-quality quartz balls. Designed to be placed inside the banger before heating and work with a directional airflow carb cap, these balls spin to cover more surface area and improve the amount of concentrate being vaporized. They even come in different colors so you can match them to your favorite rig.

Or perhaps you need replacement bong parts for a broken piece? Take a look at our Glass Tree Percolator for Silicone Bongs. A nearly indestructible silicone bong becomes that much better—and delivers that much more of a smooth hit—when you pair it with a glass percolator. This replacement part is compatible with all SMOKEA® bongs.

If you really want an undiluted, flavorful hit of your concentrates, try our Genius Pipe G Stone. This stone is a ceramic sponge that absorbs your concentrates without water, a rig, hot nails, or torches. It’s designed to get you a full hit, without the hassle.

So whatever bong parts or wholesale metal smoking pipe parts you need, we can help. Not sure where to start or how much you need to purchase? Let us know and we can help narrow down your options for the best smoking sesh possible.