Stash Containers

When you’ve got your premium stash, you need somewhere to keep it fresh and ready to smoke. Gone are the days of using plastic baggies—true smokers know the value of a quality place to store their stash. Learn more about our stash containers below.

Jars & Containers

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Stash jars are the perfect way to store your bud. Our glass jars come either vacuum-sealed or with high-quality cork tops, so your stash stays secure and fresh until you’re ready to smoke it. Take our 420 Science Glass Pop Top Jar, for example. Made of strong glass with a plastic gasket ring, this transparent container shows off your stash while it seals in the freshness. Meanwhile, our Stoner Girl jar is made of high-quality ceramic with a cork lid to keep your stash crisp for months.

Our wide variety of stash containers means there’s a storage solution for your every smoking need. Prefer to smoke on the go? Our PartyPac Cigarette Storage Container is for you. Airtight, smell-proof, floatable, and easily concealable, you can keep your cigarettes or tobacco safe and sound while you’re out and about.

Prefer concentrates, but don’t know how to keep them with you as you travel? We can handle that too. Our 420 Science Wax Wallet is a small, hinged clamshell container made with a high-quality silicone liner. The super-slim profile means it slips easily into or out of your pocket or purse.

Our wide variety of stash containers is sure to answer your every storage need. From stash jars to wallets to multi-compartment containers, we have what you need to show off your stash with style and keep it fresh for months.