Boveda is one of the most trusted names when it comes to humidity prevention. We’re proud to offer you a collection of wholesale Boveda products. No matter what kind of smoking your clients prefer, Boveda humidity packs will help protect and extend the life of their stock.


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One of the most important parts of your preferred plant are the terpenes. These essential oils are what carry the delicious aromas in your smoke. They’re also responsible for the various effects that different strains produce.

Only Boveda, the original manufacturer of the terpene shield, protects your plant so you keep all the flavor and effectiveness inside. Their two-way humidity control creates a monolayer of purified water that shields your product. Boveda wholesale products also regulate the humidity inside the container to keep the terpenes from evaporating.

For tobacco smokers, the Boveda humidity packs work much the same way. They preserve cigar’s oils and sugars, locking in the flavor to ensure a rich smoking experience. Your clients won’t have to hassle with distilled water, beads, or gel anymore. They just place the humidity pack in their humidor and close the lid. Done.

The best part about these packs is that they’re all-natural. No chemicals or additives are necessary to effortlessly preserve the life of your smoking products.

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