Wholesale Canada Puffin Smoking Accessories

Canada Puffin is a pipe and accessories manufacturer based in Ontario, Canada. They provide durable, hand-blown glass pipes and accessories. They’re designed as functional, easy-to-use pieces that are beautiful enough to be displayed as art.

Canada Puffin

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Canada Puffin Stone Spoon Pipe


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Canada Puffin Chalet Steamroller


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Canada Puffin Parklands Grinder

Grinders & Presses

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Canada Puffin Banff Dugout


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Canada Puffin Northern Lights Taster Pipe


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Canada Puffin Arctic Bubbler


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Each piece depicts elements of Canada’s heritage and culture. Stock up on these meaningful items to help them reshape the perception of the community.

Canada Puffin’s goal is to elevate Canada’s profile in the smoking world. They believe smoking is an experience that’s meant to be shared with a sense of community. SMOKEA® is proud to be one of the first distributors of wholesale Canada Puffin products.

When you need to upgrade your stock of wholesale Canada Puffin smoking accessories, shop SMOKEA®’s collection of Canada Puffin. We offer a bubbler, a grinder, a dugout, and a variety of other pipes. All pipes are made with quality heat-resistant 4mm borosilicate glass. This glass pairs perfectly with the Canadian-grown maple wood.

The products are easy to take apart, so keeping them clean and beautiful is a snap. Because they’re handcrafted, each piece will be completely unique. Your customers will be delighted with these individual products. Stock the collection of smoking accessories and join Canada Puffin’s movement today.

With fast, convenient shipping, you’ll be ready to fill out your stock with wholesale Canada Puffin products in no time. Plus, you can buy now and pay later with no interest. Just select the Sezzle option at checkout.