Now Available: Kannastor

Now Available: Kannastor

SMOKEA® Wholesale is excited to announce that we are now distributing Kannastor. Kannastor specializes in producing the highest quality herb grinders and pollen presses. All at affordable pricing.

Kannastor grinders range from simple single stage grinders to multi-chamber grinders including pollen screens and pollen catches. If you're looking for something to spice up your grinder selection, be sure to check out Kannastor's GR8TR grinders. GR8TRs are Kannastor's newest innovation that have more features and chambers than any other grinder on the market. This allows the customer to customize their grinder to grind exactly how they need it to.

In addition to Kannastor's wide selection of grinders, you'll also find other products like pollen presses and grinder scrapers. We highly recommend browsing our new selection of Kannastor products for some great selling items that will leave customers wanting more!

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