Now Available: TightPac

Now Available: TightPac

SMOKEA® Wholesale is happy to announce that we are now distributing TightPac America. Since 2005, TightPac America’s two unique, patented vacuum systems have been implemented into multi-purpose, multi-climate storage containers — great for many different goods, from snacks to electronics!

On-the-go customers will find the PartyPac perfect for storing and transporting pre-rolls and cigarettes in just about any pocket, while customers looking to store loose tobacco will love both MiniVac and VitaVac air-tight containers!

Containers with threaded caps can stick or break over time, all-but-guaranteeing a frustrating experience over time; customers will never have to worry about that with Tight-Pac America’s unique vacuum-sealing push-button lid! After all, the more a TightPac container is opened and closed, the tighter the vacuum seal becomes — TightPac America’s containers are truly sustainable!

TightPac America’s containers are perfect for many storage needs, and with over 10 million sold throughout the world, they’ve proven their reputation as the best choice for storing foods, tobacco, medicines, and more! Your customers will love the convenience and durability of TightPac America’s containers, all at a fantastic value! Check out our selection of TightPac America’s containers now!

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